what is pool sand filter?

What is Pool Sand Filter?

what is pool sand filter - what are its usage areas?


Sand filter is one of systems used for water treatment procedure. This system is preferred for pool filtration and can be safely use in olympic, personal pools or public pools. Multi-Medya sand filter provides an easy purification of mud, sediment, particle and other unseen materials in pool water. This way, all materials that have a possibility to effect human health are removed and water is cleaned. Thus a safe and clean swimming experience is provided. The best hygiene is provided in a short time by selecting a pool sand filter by considering the volume of pool

Swimming Pool Sand Filters

Completely discharging the water to clean the pool is both long and tiring procedure and quite costly. Therefore, filtration system can be used in swimming pools. Pool sand filter has a suitable price for cleaning. In addition to that, it is one of the most preferred pool water treatment systems since it has a long service life.

Especially circulation is important in hot summer days since the pools are used intensely. Pool water directly contacts human skin and needs to be cleaned often to prevent harm to human health. Many substances that enter the pool through external factors accumulate at the bottom of the pool water, which seems clean from the outside. Uninterrupted cleaning of this harmful materials and a hygienic pool experience are provided by pool sand filter. Whether it is open or closed, you can use this systems in all pools.

How Does Pool Sand Filter Work?

If it is desired to clean the pool through the pool sand filter, the filter is placed on a dry and flat surface at least 2 meters away from the pool. Before beginning to filter, visible solid matters in the pool must be cleaned. pool water is withdrawn with pump of the filter and water is filtered by flowing through mesh in the system. Filtered water later is sent to valve pipe and a second filtration is implemented here.

Substances in the water are caught by pump chamber, full of quartz sand, and kept in here. After the procedure, water is sent back to the pool as clean and purified. Filter must work 8 hours per day to have an effective cleaning via pool sand filter.

Membrane Filter Models and Types

Sand filters are one of the most used filtration systems in especially industrial areas. It is a system preferred for filtration systems of waters having suspended solid matter. It can be preferred in filtration procedures for well water or surface waters such as stream, river and lake, which have sediment and are blurry. It is an effective method for purified waste water and pool waters. Also this method can be used in treatment devices including reverse osmosis membrane systems.

Pool Sand Filter Types

For the selection of pool sand filters, first of all, the types and properties of sand filters should be known. Afterwards, a suitable and correct choice can be made for the pool. There are three different types of pool sand filters as cartridge, polyester plastic and earth filters with diatom

Cartridge Filte

Quality cartridge filters with high performance can be preferred for a clean and healthy environment in the pool. All waste and other substances in the water are kept in thin mesh included in curves of cartridge. The cartridge filter can be easily removed from the body for the backwash process necessary for the continuity of the filtering process.

Polyester Plastic Sand Filte

Polyester plastic sand filters work quite fast. It is an effective option to remove insoluble substances in different dimensions within pool water. In addition to being long-lasting products, selection can be made considering the water volume of the pool and the pump power.

Earth Filter with Diatom

Earth filter with diatom, also known as two atom filters, is the most effective filter cleaning unseeable substances in the water. A diatom earth filter may be a good choice for pools that are frequently used by a large community.

How Is Pool Sand Filter Cleaned?

Pool sand filter is necessary for keeping and using a pool clean. The circulation pump inside this filter draws the water from the pool, and thanks to the sand it contains, it keeps all the solid particles in the water and ensures cleaning. Sand filter must be cleaned regularly to keep this implementing procedure in a healthy way.

Reverse cleaning is carried out for pool sand filter cleaning procedure. Before starting this, the pool filter system must be brought into operation. At the same time, the pump must be in the off position when turning the six-way valve handle. Otherwise filter system may get damaged considerably. The water is monitored until it becomes clear, then the pump is turned off. After that, the pool filter is rinsed. The six-way valve is opened and brought to the rinsing position. Afterwards, pump is opened again and operation continues until the water gets clear. Uncleaned filters cause blurry pool water. Agglomeration and petrification may occur 15-20 cm below the pool sand filter level and in the filter pockets.

Pool Sand Filter Prices

Many factors such as materials used in pool sand filter, operation speed, dimensions can effect prices. It is possible to find an alternative sand filter suitable for each pool. If you want to get more detailed information about pool sand filters and contact us to find the most suitable product for the pool you are using.

05 April 2022

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