Agricultural Water Treatment


Agricultural Water Treatment.

Many products, both plant and animal, are needed for the continuity of human life. The activities carried out for the cultivation of herbal products are called agriculture, and water is the most necessary substance for agriculture to be carried out and for human life to be sustained. Water and agriculture are interconnected, if there is no water, agriculture cannot be done. While 70% of the world's water is used for agricultural irrigation, this rate rises to 75% in Turkey. As the population increases day by day, the demand for food also increases. Therefore, the amount of water required for agriculture also increases. At this point, it is necessary to use water resources efficiently and water purification systems are needed for agriculture. Agricultural water treatment systems can be used not only in soil agriculture, but also in soilless agriculture in greenhouse cultivation. Agricultural water treatment systems provide the removal of unwanted substances in the water to be used for agricultural purposes. In this way, more efficiency can be obtained from the plant by increasing the quality of the water, and in addition, germs, parasites or bacteria that may be present in the plant are also removed. You can call our expert teams in order to learn more about agricultural water treatment systems and to discuss special solutions for you.
What is Agricultural Water Treatment?

Irrigation for agricultural purposes should be done in the right amount and with the right timing according to the needs of the grown plant. In order to get efficiency from the agriculture, the water need of the plant should be met by giving water to the plants other than rain water. Reasons such as population growth, rapid industrialization, and decrease in water resources lead to water shortage in agriculture. In order to prevent this problem, the need for agricultural water can be met with agricultural water treatment systems. Water purification systems are used to convert inefficient, low-quality water into high-quality and hygienic water. If agriculture is in question, it is possible to benefit from agricultural water purification systems to make efficient agriculture, and it is possible to use water correctly in agriculture thanks to these systems. Agricultural water treatment systems not only ensure efficient agriculture, but also prevent the reduction of clean water resources. For more detailed information about agricultural water treatment systems, you can reach us whenever you need and get information from our phone numbers on our website.

How Does Agricultural Water Treatment Work?

If there is a very high amount of salt in the water used in agriculture, the water uptake in the plant roots decreases and the plant dies. For this reason, the salt content of the water to be used for agricultural purposes should be examined. Controlling the salt content allows you to improve the quality of the water. Since there is no soil in soilless agriculture, plants get all the vitamins and minerals they need from water, so the quality of the water is very important. There should not be any bacteria and microbes in the water, the minerals should be balanced. If these conditions are met, quality results can be obtained by obtaining efficiency from soilless agriculture. Reverse osmosis or ultrafiltration is generally preferred in agricultural water treatment systems to be used for soilless agriculture. With reverse osmosis, water values are optimized and in addition, membrane filters that allow waste water to be reused are also used in this system. Agriculture can be done by purifying sea, river or well water in agricultural water treatment systems. You can get information about agricultural water treatment systems by meeting with our expert teams, and you can discuss the solution suggestions suitable for your needs.

For What Purpose Is Agricultural Water Treatment Used?

Agriculture is one of the most developed sectors in our country. However, s irrigation without awareness in agriculture causes more water to be spent than necessary, reduces water resources, and also causes the soil to become unproductive. Irrigation with the drip irrigation method is a good method used to prevent unnecessary water use. It prevents unnecessary water use and does not harm the soil while providing the necessary water for the plants. Agricultural water treatment systems, on the other hand, provide a more efficient agriculture opportunity by reaching the required quality of water. It reduces the salt rate in the water and removes all kinds of substances that can harm the plant that result from the water. You can call us for reasonable price options in the treatment systems required for the use of quality water in agriculture.

Advantages of Agricultural Water Treatment.

Agricultural water treatment systems offer you many advantages. Agricultural water treatment systems used for soilless agriculture allow plants to grow in a controlled manner and increase yields at high rates. While it allows you to save water, it also removes all harmful substances from the water. In this way, there is no need for fertilizers and pesticides. The products to be obtained as a result of these will be of high quality. If you want to get information about agricultural water treatment systems, you can call us from our phone numbers.

Agricultural Water Treatment Properties.

Agricultural water treatment systems are completely organic solutions without using chemicals to remove all harmful organisms that may be present in the water. As a result, it provides faster growth by giving dissolved oxygen to plant roots. Water purification systems, which allow the reuse of waste water with their membrane filtration feature, also prevent the reduction of water resources. If you have any questions about water treatment systems in agricultural areas, you can contact us and obtain more information and develop solutions.


How to Ensure Correct Use of Water in Agriculture?

 Water must be of good quality in agriculture. If the desired water values are not provided, yield cannot be obtained from agriculture. Thanks to agricultural water purification devices, water is analyzed, purified and used correctly in agriculture.
 Which Method Should Be Used in Agricultural Water Treatment Systems?


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