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 Headquartered in Antalya, with its engineers and technical staff specialized in environmental technologies, domestically and Internationally; active in the industrial reverse osmosis systems, gray water treatment, ultrafiltration systems, sand and activated carbon filtration systems, softening systems, disinfection systems, waste water treatment systems, we are a company established with completely domestic capital, operating in aforementioned system activities. Our factory is located in Antalya/Döşemealtı region and we manufacture systems in accordance with the process designs specially designed for our customers by our expert engineers and technical service staff.
 Our main goal is to get a share from this chain by creating satisfied customers. We believe that happiness is contagious and multiplies when shared. Satisfaction of our valued customers is our very basic principle. In addition to providing you with project design, engineering, manufacturing, design, contracting, wholesale and retail sales, spare parts services in our solution process; we always stand by our customers with our after-sales maintenance and technical service.


FAIR ATS successfully carries out its project, design and engineering activities related to Water Treatment Services with its experienced engineer staff and with the support and assistance of many companies from abroad. It carries out system design, projection, design, technical specification preparation, cost analysis and feasibility studies with great devotion for the solution of all kinds of water-related problems of our customers.


FAIR ATS also carries out the sales services of the water treatment systems it imports and manufactures. It immediately meets the requested materials from its stocks, and if the material is not available, it provides it to its customers in a short time. Among the products we import are Pentair and Park composite tank bodies, Fleck and Siata valves, UV slides and Quarz glasses, all kinds of cartridge filters, under-counter reverse osmosis systems and spare parts for all these systems.


Our company, which adopts customer satisfaction as a principle, carries out contracting services in line with the wishes of its customers with great success. In addition, it is possible to manufacture similar materials in our workshop that are in fact produced abroad. Thanks to the imported equipment and high quality workmanship we use, we offer reliable and quality systems to our customers in a short time economically. We knows no limits in manufacturing with filter containers, Ultraviolet disinfection systems, stainless multi-cartridge filters, stainless bag filters, stainless hot water filters, stainless automatic filters, industrial REVERSE OSMOSIS systems, membrane containers and many more systems in our manufacturing portfolio. 


Supervision services are provided by the experienced technical team during the assembly and commissioning stages. In addition, we undertake all kinds of treatment systems on a turnkey basis and offer it to the service of the customer. In the project, it is ensured that a technical staff of the addressee company is informed about the project.
Our team, which also successfully maintains its after-sales services, intervenes in all kinds of problems as soon as possible. In addition, we periodically take care of the systems with monthly and annual service contracts. 


FAIR ATS is a company that offers turnkey drinking water, utility water (well water, river water and sea water treatment), pool water and waste water treatment systems to its customers.


FAIR ATS provides stocks of all kinds of spare parts that will be needed for the systems it sells and other brands, in case of failure for any reason.

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