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Cafe Bar Restaurant Water Treatment.

As in every business, the use of raw water in cafes, bars and restaurants is very harmful. It is very important that the water used in the kitchen is purified. In addition to the microorganisms in raw water, the lime in it affects the taste of food and beverages in addition to shortening the life of the machines used. At the same time, there are damages to the passing pipes such as clogging, calcification and perforation. For this reason, it is necessary to use water purification systems in all businesses. Treatment systems, which are ways to reduce costs in the long run, make food and drinks more delicious, especially if they are preferred in areas where food and beverage are produced. There are many different treatment methods available for use in these areas. If you want to have more information and make a decision about the treatment system that is suitable for your business, you can contact us.

What is Cafe Bar Restaurant Water Treatment?

Both the mains water and the raw water used contain various pollutants. Although the main ones are harmful microorganisms, lime is also among the very important factors. To prevent this, the water flowing from the taps must be purified. Although reverse osmosis methods come first, the treatment systems used vary according to the quality of the water. It is very important that you decide on a system in line with your needs. Filtration, demineralization, ultraviolet and ultrafiltration methods are among the preferred systems. A system should be used depending on the quality of the water used and the contaminants in it. The first thing to do to determine the quality of these waters is to test them. Depending on the results of the test, one or more of the chemical or physical treatment systems may be preferred. In addition to these, methods such as decorbanization, chlorine or ozone dosing can also be used. If you want to get detailed information about all the water treatment systems you need, you can reach us from the phone numbers on our website.

Cafe Bar Restaurant Water Treatment

Since there are many different water purification systems, each works in different ways. Among the main methods used are reverse osmosis water purification systems. This method is among the most successful systems as it purifies the water both physically and chemically and at the same time performs all cleaning processes automatically. This system, which uses the reverse osmosis treatment method, first passes the water through a semi-permeable filter and removes the suspended solids it has. Thus, the next process is more comfortable for the water that is purified from all the particles in it. At the same time, purifying the particles in the water prevents the existing machines from being damaged. Then, thanks to the membrane system it uses, it ensures that all microbes, bacteria and viruses in the water are cleaned. In this way, pure water can be easily reached. At the same time, this purification system, which performs membrane cleaning automatically thanks to the backwash process, is very economical in the long run. Apart from this process, dosing systems adjusted depending on the quality of the water used may be preferred. Thanks to this system, the dosing unit placed in the water inlet line adds ozone or chlorine at a certain interval and density. Chlorine dosing method is less costly than all other systems. You can call us if you want to get detailed information about the water treatment systems that are generally preferred in cafes, bars and restaurants.

For What Purpose Is Cafe Bar Restaurant Water Treatment Used?

Experts recommend using water treatment systems in all businesses, especially when considering the damage of lime in city mains water to both human health and the machinery used. For this reason, it would be more advantageous to test the water used and to determine the pollutants in it before choosing among the water treatment methods that the business needs. The quality of the water used not only makes the food and drink more delicious, but also prevents any damage to the machines. Because it is inevitable that machines that consume water constantly, such as dishwashers, will be affected by limescale. Damage to both its parts and pipes are issues that many business owners suffer. You can choose a water treatment system in order to prevent these damages and to eliminate the situations that threaten human health. You can use our website to decide which method to use, and contact us for detailed information.

Cafe Bar Restaurant Water Treatment Properties.

It is an issue that is constantly voiced by experts that using raw water is harmful for all businesses. Especially the lime in the mains water is a serious threat to the health of both people and machines. In addition, raw water contains harmful microorganisms, especially in areas where ground and surface waters are used. It is also very important to remove harmful organisms such as bacteria, viruses and microbes from these waters. In addition to cleaning from organisms that threaten human health, using purified water improves the flavor of both food and drink.

Advantages of Cafe Bar Restaurant Water Treatment

Since the needs of each business are different, the characteristics of the treatment systems to be used are also different. The characteristics of the system to be used vary according to the quality of the water. In this case, what needs to be done is to pass the quality test of the water before choosing a treatment system. In this way, it can be easily determined whether only chlorine or ozone supplementation or a chemical and physical treatment system is needed. In this way, it is possible both to reduce the lime and carbon in the water and to use the water without changing it biologically. You can reach us from our phone numbers on our website to decide on the most suitable treatment system for your business.


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