what is noncorrosive water tank?

What Is Noncorrosive Water Tank?

What Is Noncorrosive Water Tank and What Are Its Characteristics?


Since the past, people have paid attention to their settlements being close to water sources. Since this is not always possible today, alternative solutions are produced. Water tanks are products that are designed as stainless to meet the water need.

These products, known as modular water tanks, are designed in parts. Thanks to this feature of the product, both assembly and disassembly are extremely easy. It can be started to be used by combining in a practical way. In addition, there is no need for welding during this process. Also, the water tanks, designed as modular, can be reduced or enlarged by adding or reducing parts according to the need. Parts are made of stainless steel or galvanized. This way, they are both healthier and much longer lasting than old type water tanks.

Modular water tanks, which are suitable for use in open or closed areas, allow water to be kept in suitable conditions with its stainless feature. Since water is kept according to health standards, it can be consumed safely.

What Does Stainless Water Tanks Do

Domestic water treatment devices are frequently preferred for domestic and industrial purposes due to reasons such as water pollution and reduction of clean water resources. From time to time, water which are made potable by treatment devices must be stored. Modular water tanks is produced from stainless steel or galvanize for healthy usage.

These products, preferred in many sectors, are quite useful thanks to their portable designs. Changing the size by adjusting the number of pieces as desired makes the warehouse functional. It can be used both in residential areas and in production areas.

Modular water tanks, which have a very long service due to their production materials, can be preferred for preserving hot or cold water. The products, which stand out with their practical and durable design, can also be used outdoors. Modular water tanks are suitable products for storing water in a healthy way in many different areas such as sites, schools, shopping malls, construction sites and factories.

Why Should We Use Stainless Water Tank

Modular water tanks have many advantages compared to traditional models. The first of these is that it is produced using extremely high quality and healthy materials. Warehouses produced with stainless steel or galvanized also provide convenience because they are designed in sheets. Thanks to this feature, it can be easily assembled, disassembled and transported to the desired location.

The assembly of the products is done with the help of bolts and can be made ready for use in a practical way. If the modular water tank will be disassembled, the process can be facilitated by using the drain valve located at the top. Depending on the type of liquid to be stored in the products, different seals are preferred. Flexible gaskets, which do not cause leakage even in temperature changes and ensure that all plates are connected to each other extremely tightly, facilitate the disassembly process in case of a damaged part. Modular water tanks provide a practical use and preferred often since they do not require any source.

Characteristics of Stainless Water Tan

Prismatic modular water tanks, as the name suggests, are designed in a modular way. Thus, the most important characteristics of the product is easy assembly and disassembly since it is manufactured in parts. Also, with this feature, it can be disassembled practically at any time and moved to somewhere else. If the tank is damaged, only the damaged part is replaced and the product can be used as before.

These products, being quite durable, are designed by considering situations such as pushing and pulling resistance and twisting. This feature also contributes to prolongation of the products service life. Parts can be added and water tank can be expanded if it is necessary and, this way, its volume will increase. Quality production and materials prevent tanks with high volumes being deformed due to liquid pressure. In addition to that, water kept in the tank is protected from UV lights.

Assembly Rules of Stainless Steel Tanks

Before the installation of stainless water tanks, the dimensions of the area where they will be used must be taken into account. In order to avoid any problems in terms of width and length, the dimensions should be calculated well. This way, the assembly of product, which is designed in sheets, becomes quite easy. Product is made ready to use by assembling the parts in a proper way. If the area where the water tank will be placed is wide enough, assembly of the product can also be made before. Since the modular water tanks are produced in sheets, the volume can be enlarged by adding new parts if needed.

Stainless Water Tank Models

Prismatic modular water tanks has two models but their production principles are completely the same. These models, named galvanized and stainless, are designed modular. The assembly process is done with gaskets and in addition to these, its volume can be reduced or enlarged according to demand and need. In both models, the plates of the warehouse are produced with the help of high-tonnage presses using the deep drawing method. The reason for this is to increase the resistance of the tanks against pressure.

Modular water tanks designed with stainless steel material are produced by considering human health. Thus, you can use these models for a long time. Stainless steel also allows the tank to be used as open or closed. Hot and cold waters can be kept in these tanks safely. Chemical liquids can also be kept in the modular water tank, thanks to the stainless steel that does not deform quickly and has a long service life. Products that can be assembled and disassembled very easily allow you to increase or decrease the volume according to your needs.

The only difference between the modular water tanks made of galvanized steel and the stainless steel models is the production material. The only reason for using galvanize is to decrease the cost and design the product lighter. Galvanize is obtained by melting the zinc and coated to steel A third phase emerges here since zinc react with iron. Corrosion is delayed as a result. In addition to that the service life of metal gets prolonged. Water tanks produced from galvanize can be used in open or closed areas.

Technical Information on Stainless Water Tanks

Stainless water tanks are formed by assembling stainless steel or galvanized sheets together. Products that can be used for different purposes can be preferred to preserve clean drinking water, chemicals or different types of liquids.

Compared to traditional model water tanks, they have a longer service life, and are more durable and much healthier. Since it is produced with health standards in mind, it is produced with stainless steel or galvanized. Optionally, water tanks can be designed with a volume starting from 1.25 m up to 1000 m If you wish, you can increase the volume of the product by adding additional plates afterwards. If you want to get more detailed information about modular water tanks, you can check our website or contact us via our phone numbers.

25 March 2022

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