Water Treatment in Paper Industry

Water Treatment in the Paper Industry

The better the quality of water used during paper production, the more effectively cellulose is used and cellulose loss is prevented. Therefore, if the water quality is good, the working life of the equipment used in production will also increase. In addition, the cost can be significantly reduced, as cellulose recycling and reintroducing the used water into production through wastewater treatment methods. Again, in terms of environmental pollution, water treatment is of great importance in the paper industry. In addition to waste water in production, organic compounds that occur cause environmental pollution. You can review our website for more detailed information about water treatment.


What is Water Treatment in the Paper Industry?

Environmental pollution has become a major problem in recent years. Industrial waste, which is one of the main causes of environmental pollution, can be reduced by some measures to be taken. In addition, water consumption in industrial areas is important in terms of pollution of water resources and reduction of water. Attention should be paid to the amount of suspended matter, pH, dissolved inorganic matter, temperature, color, odor and turbidity of the water to be used in paper production in order to produce quality paper. In the pulp and paper industry, wastewater is generated, this wastewater must be treated to prevent environmental pollution. In the wastewater generated during production; chlorinated organic compounds, biological and chemical oxygen demand (oxygen required for the decomposition of organic substances in water by microorganisms), carbohydrates and high amounts of residue. In other words, water treatment is needed not only for production but also after production in the paper industry. For detailed information, you can call us via the phone number on our website.


Where is Water Used in the Paper Industry?

As in many fields, one of the most important raw materials for the paper industry is water. The paper industry is the third most water-consuming industry in the world, after the metal and chemical industries. The bark of the tree is peeled and diluted in water with the necessary chemicals and the plant fibers are pulped. At this point, the tree is free from the substance that holds its fibers together. The resulting dough is sent to the mixer and the bleaching agents or chemicals required to give color are mixed and turned into a smooth dough. The pulp is then dehydrated, pressed and dried. The dough passed through the rollers takes a flat shape as it is compressed, thus it is thoroughly free of water. Finally, after removing the roughness on the paper, the cutting phase begins. You can contact us for any questions you may have about water treatment.


How is Water Treatment Made in the Paper Industry?

 In the paper industry, water treatment usually occurs in the pre-treatment, physical treatment and secondary treatment steps. If the treated wastewater is to be used again in paper production, more advanced treatment methods can also be preferred. In physical treatment, 80% of suspended solids such as bark pieces, fiber residues, filler or coating materials are removed. Activated sludge systems are also used in water treatment in the paper industry. Activated sludge systems provide a very high level of purification of wastewater generated in the paper industry. You can contact us for the most suitable treatment method and device for the facility.


Advantages of Water Treatment in Paper Industry

The paper industry is one of the industrial areas with the strongest environmental impact due to excessive water consumption and non-biodegradable chemicals in the wastewater it produces. As a result of the high amount of water consumption, the amount of wastewater after the process and the pollution of this wastewater are higher than in other industries. For this reason, the waste water generated as a result of paper production can cause dangerous results. Considering all these problems, the waste water released in paper production should be discharged environmentally or should be improved so that it can be reused. Water purification is a viable solution at this point. You can check our website for detailed information.



Why is Water Treatment Important in the Paper Industry?

 The paper industry is the third most water consuming industry among all industries in the world. A high amount of water is used during production and the water used goes through many processes and combines with various chemicals. If the resulting wastewater is not treated, it causes environmental pollution.

In Which Stages Is Water Treatment Required In The Paper Industry?

 While the wood, which is the raw material in paper production, turns into pulp and after it becomes pulp, water is used in the deburring process. In these processes, water must have certain qualities so that it does not damage the raw material. These qualities are added to the water by water purification methods.

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