Water Treatment in Food and Livestock Sector

Water Treatment in Food and Livestock Sector

Grains, vegetables, fruits, meat and all other animal sourced food are processed and packaged in different ways and put on the market. A large amount of water is used in the processing of food, resulting in highly polluted wastewater. Today, there is an increase in food production due to population growth, so the waste water problem of the food industry also increases. In the livestock sector, waste water is released with the processing of meat. Apart from this, waste water emerges from slaughterhouses and paddocks. Although the feces of animals kept in the paddocks for slaughter are used as fertilizer, some residues may remain in the paddock. When cleaning paddocks, these residues and urine become waste water along with the washing waters used for c leaning purposes. The treatment of waste water provides advantages both in terms of environmental pollution and economy. For more information about water treatment, you can contact us at our phone number on our website.

What is Water Treatment in the Food and Livestock Sector?

Much of the food we consume reaches us through agriculture. The most important ingredient in growing and cleaning agricultural products is clean and hygienic water. Due to global warming, the effects of which have increased in recent years, irrigation, maintenance and reuse of arable land in the world gains more importance. The rapid industrialization in the world causes a decrease in clean water resources and therefore there is a decrease in fertile agricultural lands. For this reason, the search for fertile agricultural land begins. Similarly, in the livestock sector, as a result of rapid industrialization, it is seen that production and breeding areas decrease. As a result, hygienic water gains importance in this sector as well. Water treatment in the food and livestock sector becomes a necessity for all these reasons. For more detailed information, you can review our website or call us.

How is Water Treatment Made in the Food and Livestock Sector?

Organic dirt must be removed from the water to be used in the food and livestock sector. The most effective way for this process is biological treatment. No chemicals are used in the biological treatment method. With this method, microorganisms placed in waste water ensure the destruction of water pollutants. In the biological treatment method, as in other water treatment systems, the process starts in a screen or sieving unit. Wire sieves, which rotate in this section, hold the floating solid particles such as hairs, feathers, and rumen contents in the water. After the sieving process, the waste water passes through the oil trap and from pre-settlement phase. Finally, the wastewater that comes to the biological treatment process is purified by trickling filters, activated sludge or anaerobic contact processes following which the water is turned into clean water. You can always contact us for such systems.

Advantages of Water Treatment in Food and Livestock Sector

Water that has been purified from bacteria by going through the purification process is important for both humans and animals. It is easily obtained thanks to hygienic water treatment systems that reduce the risk and rate of diseases. The use of treated water in the food sector, animal farms and other sectors related to animal husbandry directly affects human health. In addition, re-use of waste water through the treatment process also reduces waste and prevents the reduction of water resources. If you would like to benefit from the advantages of water treatment, you can contact us for detailed information.


Why is Water Treatment Necessary in the Food and Livestock Sectors?

 Water has a very important place for the continuity of agriculture. Hygienic water is required for all food production facilities such as greenhouses, seafood production and processing facilities, chicken, small and big cattle farms, white and red meat processing facilities, canning factories that are constantly producing. Hygienic water is easily obtained with water purification systems.

Which Water Treatment Method is Used in the Food and Livestock Sector?

 A biological treatment system is used to ensure that the water to be used in these two sectors is clean. The reason for this is that the purification process is carried out without mixing any chemicals into the water in the biological treatment system


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