What Ultrafiltration Disinfection Systems


    One of the most important reasons for choosing this method is the complete destruction of bacteria and viruses. The use of a semi-permeable membrane in the ultrafiltration system allows the particles in the water to be easily separated. The ultrafiltration disinfection system includes a feed pump, separator, Ultrafiltration modules, backwash tank and backwash pump. Optionally, a dosing system can be added according to the need of the water to be used. Depending on the water to be treated, disinfection, caustic and acid backwash dosing systems may also be preferred. Feed water is added to the Ultrafiltration unit by pump. Before the water enters the unit, it must be passed through a separator filter to prevent particles from entering this area. You can contact us for detailed information about the working principle of this system.

    What are Ultrafiltration Disinfection Systems?

     Ultrafiltration disinfection system is the process of purifying the small particles and suspended solids in the water using a semi-permeable membrane. Thanks to this system, all microscopic suspended solids in the water are successfully removed. Since the molecular membranes used by the ultrafiltration disinfection system membranes cut the weight, it is applied in cross flow or dead-end mode while completing the result. Ultrafiltration disinfection system, which is preferred especially in the process of purifying the particles in drinking water and creating pure water, is generally preferred in the preliminary stages. Apart from pre-treatments such as filtration, flotation and dredging, it can also be used as a secondary stage in some cases. The ultrafiltration system uses thin membrane technology to filter the particles in the water down to 0.025 microns. If you want to get more information about this system, you can contact us from our phone numbers on our website.
    Ultrafiltration Disinfection Systems Membrane.
     Ultrafiltration system membranes are a membrane technology that filters the water down to 0.02 microns without making any changes in the chemical structure and separates the microorganisms in the water. These membranes are defined by the molecular weight separation limit. The process pressure for ultrafiltration membranes generally varies between 1.5 and 4 Bar. Ultrafiltration membranes have a pore diameter of 0.005-0.2μm, and the molecular weight separation limit is also produced as MWCO 1,000 -500 000 Daltons. Thanks to these membranes, liquids containing macromolecules are purified, fractionated and concentrated to complete the process. According to the selected MWCO value, this membrane helps in the filtering of low molecular weight harmful substances dissolved in water as well as dissolved salts. Suspended solids and substances dissolved in water with high molecular weight are kept in the membrane filter and concentrated and discharged from the waste line by backwashing.

    How Do Ultrafiltration Disinfection Systems Work?

     Ultrafiltration systems are preferred in the separation of particles in water, thanks to its membrane system, without interfering with the chemical properties of water. This system, which is especially preferred for the filtering process of water containing bacteria and viruses, is also frequently preferred for suspended solids and color removal processes. Ultrafiltration systems, which can be used as the first stage with the quality membrane system used, firstly start with the process of passing the water through this filter. The filtered water is transferred to the unit that comes after the membrane, and the particles attached to the membrane filter are removed from the system. This system, which is used in the production of pure water, is the process of purification of water by using semi-permeable membrane systems with the help of pressure or molecular forces

    For What Purpose Are Ultrafiltration Disinfection Systems Used?

     The ultrafiltration system is often the preferred method of running water in areas where finely filtered water is needed. The ultrafiltration system can be used in any area where filtered water is required or desired. Since the membranes of these systems can be adjusted at the desired level, they can also be applied according to wide pH ranges. It is tolerant to oxidant substances in cases where chlorinated feed waters need to be treated or membranes need to be cleaned with oxidizing chemicals. In general, it creates low pressure losses in every area used and provides energy saving, while it has a very long life compared to many reverse osmosis membranes. For this reason, it is often preferred in industrial areas. Ultrafiltration systems, which are preferred because they both purify the water without changing its chemical structure and have a long-lasting system, are used in all areas where pure water is needed, especially in the food industry.

    Usage Areas of Ultrafiltration Disinfection Systems?

     With the ultrafiltration system, surface waters such as streams, lakes and rivers can be disinfected, as well as purification and bottling processes without changing the chemical properties of spring water. It can also be used as a pre-filtering method of reverse osmosis systems, so it is preferred in the treatment of sea water. This system is a method frequently used in the food industry, as it successfully separates the microorganisms in the water from the water and creates pure water. The Ultrafiltration system, which is preferred not only as a pre-filtering method but also for filtering in the second and third stages, filters water up to the level of 0.02 microns. Since pure water can be produced thanks to this system, it can be safely used in many different industries, especially food, where healthy water needs to be produced. In addition to these, you can find answers to your questions on our website.

    Advantages of Ultrafiltration Disinfection Systems.

     Ultrafiltration systems are used to obtain pure water by filtering the water to be purified at a level of 0.02 microns, thanks to its semi-permeable membrane. These systems are highly resistant to low and high pH chemicals as well as highly chlorinated waters such as 200 ppm. For this reason, it can perform the purification process successfully. Ultrafiltration systems also have a successful system for easily removing suspended solids separated from water. This system, which has a long-lasting structure thanks to the membranes used, offers a healthy use without the need for frequent replacement. Ultrafiltration systems have a low-cost working principle as water pressure is applied between 1.5 and 4 bar. In addition, it draws attention with its ergonomic structure, since the area it covers is small. If you want to learn about the advantages of these systems and more, you can reach us from the phone numbers on our website.

    Ultrafiltration Disinfection Systems Features

     Compact structure of ultrafiltration systems is one of its features. This system, which is highly preferred due to its small footprint and long life, is also a successful method with its precise filtration. In addition to providing filtering in the physical structure of particulate water without damaging its chemical structure, it also performs the purification process without using any chemicals. It is a method that can be preferred by every industry where pure water is needed, as it can be used in different areas. You can also contact us for detailed information about ultrafiltration systems and more, and you can find answers to your questions by visiting our website.

    Frequently Asked Questions Why are Ultrafiltration Systems Preferred More Than Traditional Methods?

     Ultrafiltration systems perform purification without the need for chemicals. At the same time, this system is preferred over traditional ones because they have a compact design.

    Do Ultrafiltration Systems Use Chemicals?

     No, ultrafiltration systems do not use chemicals. It allows you to reach pure water by filtering suspended solids, particles, bacteria and microbes in the water thanks to its semi-permeable membrane.



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