Reverse Osmosis System Hydroponic Agriculture Uzbekistan Shipment


Reverse Osmosis System Hydroponic Agriculture- Uzbekistan Shipment

 With global warming, the value of the water we drink is increasing day by day. We also know the value of water and we provide filtration to water, especially using the Reverse Osmosis System used in sea water purification. In addition, thanks to this system, we both protect drinking water reserves and save 60% of energy.

What is Reverse Osmosis System?

 Reverse Osmosis System is one of the most sensitive advanced filtration technologies and is used in water purification. In the Reverse Osmosis System, water is forced to pass through the membranes with high pressure, so that possible chemicals, dirt, physical and microbiological elements in the water cannot pass through the membrane and the water is filtered.

Hydroponic Agriculture?

 Soilless farming practices are one of the most advanced production techniques in which the elements necessary for the growth of vegetables, fruits or plants are cultivated by using environments other than soil in the root zone of water, as a result of the thought that the soil will not be enough against the rapidly increasing world population. In other words, plants do not get their needs from the soil, but from nutrient solutions specially prepared for them. In hydroponic farming, the harvest is independent of natural disasters such as floods and droughts.

What We Did in the Shipment to Uzbekistan?

 By using the Reverse Osmosis System, we provided water filtration in the Soilless Agriculture Uzbekistan Shipment.


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