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     Ozone Disinfection Systems

     One of the areas where ozone is widely preferred around the world is the disinfection of secondary or biologically treated wastewater. Since ozone has a very high oxidation capacity, it is preferred for disinfecting water as well as removing organic and inorganic substances in water. Since it is in the form of a gas, it turns into oxygen after the process and disappears. In this way, it does not leave any residue and traces, and it does not have any harmful side. Although it is mainly preferred in bottled water disinfection, turbidity removal, color and taste removal, it is used in many different purification processes. If you want to get detailed information about Ozone Disinfection Systems, you can contact us from our phone numbers on our website.

    What is Ozone Disinfection Systems?

     The ozone disinfection system, which is used at the last stage of purified water, helps to remove turbidity, organic and inorganic microorganisms in the water. Although ozone is generally used to clean the wastewater in large reservoirs, it is also preferred in the purification of wastewater flowing into the places where living things live. Although ozone seems to be used only for disinfection, it is also preferred for improving odor and taste in water. This is just a method that is both harmless and provides a definitive solution. If you want to get detailed information and get more information about this system, you can visit our website and contact us from our phone numbers.

    What is Ozone?

     Ozone is formed as a result of ultraviolet rays coming from the sun to our world, breaking down the oxygen in the atmosphere and separating it into its molecules. Although this is a natural method, ozone can be produced for human reasons by using technological methods today. It is obtained by exposing the oxygen in the air to a very high electric current by human means. Ozone, which can be obtained with the help of electron discharge, is a gas with high oxidation power. Ozone is known as the most effective oxidizer and disinfectant available at reasonable cost. It is also a form of oxygen whose molecule has 3 oxygen atoms. The oxygen atom in the air has only 2 atoms. For this reason, ozone is obtained by adding one more oxygen atom to it. For this reason, it has been widely preferred in recent years to disinfect. Known as the only natural disinfectant whose raw material is oxygen, ozone is a natural disinfectant, increasing its usage areas and ensuring its safe use. If you want to get more information about ozone, you can call us.

    For What Purposes Is Ozone Gas Used?

     Since ozone is a very strong disinfectant, it is suitable for use in the field of aquaculture and in facilities where drinking water is produced. It is preferred not only for purification, but also for processes such as improving color and odor, cleaning bacteria and viruses, and removing organic and inorganic substances. In addition to these, it is a method frequently used in the food industry in the disinfection of water. Ozone, which can be used in many different areas, is highly preferred in waste water treatment units. You can contact us for more information about ozone disinfection systems.

    How Does Ozone Disinfection Systems Work?

     Ozone consists of a combination of 3 oxygen atoms. While one atom is used during the disinfection process, the remaining two atoms are converted to oxygen, so the process is completed without leaving any residue. In this way, both waste-free and definitive solutions are achieved. The system breaks down oxygen molecules using a standard ozone generator or ozone machine. This system serves to produce ozone gas. Apart from this, there are two different working principles. One of them is called silent corona discharge, and all electrical discharges like lightning in nature split the oxygen molecules consisting of two atoms. It then brings together three of these atoms to form ozone molecules. This method can be said to be the general working principle of ozone generators used today. The other method is ultraviolet radiation. This method is similar to ozone production in the atmosphere, which allows the sun's ultraviolet radiation to split oxygen into oxygen atoms. The reason why this system is used for ozone generators is that it consumes less energy than the corona method.

    For What Purpose Are Ozone Disinfection Systems Used?

     While ozone disinfection systems ensure the cleaning of indoor air, they are also preferred in areas where the water must be kept clean at all times, such as swimming pools. At the same time, it is used for cleaning the air in the environment, while it is a system used for laboratory equipment and various medical applications. Ozone is used especially in water treatment plants such as drinking water disinfection. Apart from these, ozone is also used for cleaning nitrite, ammonia, iron and manganese from water and disinfecting the air of the environment.

    Ozone Disinfection Systems Usage Areas?

     Ozone disinfection systems, which are preferred in many large production facilities, are especially used in drinking water purification and bottling facilities, iron and manganese oxidation. At the same time, this method, which is preferred wherever organic substances in water need to be removed, is preferred for color and odor removal in wastewater. Ozone, which is also preferred in cold storage, is also preferred in the purification of swimming pools.

    Advantages of Ozone Disinfection Systems

     Ozone, which provides more advantages when compared to chlorine in the purification of water, is used in many different industries. Ozone not only cleans all viruses more precisely than chlorine, but also prevents the creatures living in the water from being harmed. With the ozonation method, while the water is enriched with oxygen on the one hand, the preservation of the natural balance of the waters is among its greatest advantages. Ozone not only provides effective disinfection, but also removes color and turbidity and reduces the need for chemical oxygen. Although it is expensive to produce, it is preferred for water purification processes in high-capacity plants because it does not leave any residue and the result is certain. You can use our website for more information.

    Features of Ozone Disinfection Systems

     Ozone disinfection systems are among the preferred systems for odor and color removal, which definitely purifies organic and inorganic substances in water. One of its most important features is that it does not leave any waste after treatment. In addition to having a useful and precise solution, it can be easily preferred in many different areas. It can be used not only in industrial production areas, but also in areas where living things live. Ozone can be used safely because it consists of 3 oxygen atoms. For this reason, it is preferred in many different industries. In addition to having two different working principles, it is highly preferred in large-scale production areas because it is a costly method. For detailed information, you can contact us at our phone numbers.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the Difference Between Ozone and Chlorine?

     Since ozone is an organic molecule, it has no harm to living health and does not produce any waste after purification. Although it gives definite and permanent results like chlorine, ozone is preferred in terms of health benefits.

    In How Many Different Principles Do Ozone Disinfection Systems Work?

     There are two different working principles. One is silent corona discharge and the other is Ultraviolet radiation system. While the silent corona discharge causes the separation of atoms using electric current, ultraviolet radiation is the same as the separation process in the atmosphere.


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