iron and steel casting production waste water treatment

Iron and Steel Casting Production Waste Water Treatment

What are the usage areas and benefits of water treatment in iron and steel sector?


Waste water treatment systems, which we encounter as a great need in many different sectors today, come to the fore especially in the field of iron and steel water treatment casting production. Treated water is ideal for using in many stages such as process, cooling and formed with different methods according to usage area and purpose. Because there is a need for water with different characteristic in each process.

Waste water treatment is carried out to protect natural water sources and known as neutralization of water basically. Waste water is detracted from foreign materials and harmful microorganisms with physical purification methods and made available for reuse, thus an efficient water consumption is enabled. This decreases water consumption costs considerably and has an environment friendly approach. Thus healthy and safe use is provided.

What are the usage areas of water treatment in iron and steel sector?

Treated water is commonly used in iron and steel sector, especially in cooling systems. Especially waste water treatment is used commonly in many areas as a sector.

Waste water treatment systems which were created to purify and reuse the used water as well as to purify the water to be used removes the particles in the water. Main usage areas of waste water treatment system in which methods such as filtration, reverse osmosis, deionisation are as follows:

  • Flat rolling products and pipe
  • Long roll product
  • Softening and advanced filtration systems
  • Qualified steel products
  • Xreverse osmosis system installation
  • Flatting and casting industry and ferro preliminary filtration

Waste water treatment is implemented for the purpose of protecting natural water sources and has an important role in iron and steel casting sector. Especially, ion change is enabled with water softening systems and water hardness is eliminated. This way, the used devices have longer life and a safe use is carried out. Such treatment methods, increasing the production quality, contribute to the acquisition of qualified steel products. Flatting and casting processes become perfect since particles within the water is removed with preliminary filtration system

Advantages of Waste Water Treatment in Iron and Steel Casting Production

The use of water in iron and steel casting production is quite high and the importance of the waste water treatment system increases day by day in order to protect natural water resources. The reason why the usage amount of waste water treatment systems is so high is that it is very advantageous. Some of these advantages are as follows:

  • It protects nature due to careful use of water resources.
  • It helps to decrease production costs in long term.
  • The process of raw water enables the production to have much more quality and be more reliable.
  • In case of drought depending on the season, the possibility of reuse of waste water prevents the production process from being interrupted.

Due to all these advantages, waste water treatment systems are used in many stages in iron steel casting production. This way, not only the environment is protected but also the costs decrease and production quality increases.

How is water treatment carried out in iron and steel sector?

In order to be able to reuse the water used in iron and steel casting production, it is necessary to get support from waste water treatment systems. Water used in such production processes incurs physical or chemical contamination. Thus, waste water must be removed from such contamination.

The treatment of waste water, whether chemical or physical pollution, requires the use of a wide variety of systems. When deciding on treatment systems required in iron steel sector, it is very important to focus on usage area and purpose and prefer the most suitable treatment system accordingly.

While coagulation, flocculation and neutralization processes are preferred in waters having chemical contamination, meshes, sieves, sand holders and balancing processes are preferred as physical waste water treatment systems.

18 April 2022

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