Gray water, which constitutes a large part of domestic wastewater, is very important water that needs to be recycled. Gray water recovery treatment systems, which have many advantages in the long and short term, are among the preferred methods all over the world. In many different countries, wastewater from bathrooms and kitchens can generally be used for garden irrigation. However, in line with the warnings of many experts, these waters should not be used without purification. Gray water, which damages the area used in the long term due to the presence of suspended solids such as shampoo, detergent, food residues, can be easily purified by using simple purification methods. If you want to get detailed information about gray water recovery treatment systems, which are recommended to be used in hotels, dormitories, hospitals and hotels, especially in homes, you can use our website and contact us with our phone numbers.

    What is Gray Water Recovery Treatment System?

    In gray water treatment systems, different processes can be applied depending on the content of the water. These systems, in which physical, chemical and biological treatment methods are preferred, vary according to the area used. Physical methods such as precipitation and filtration are preferred for pretreatment. Thanks to this method, suspended solids in the water are removed by using sand or membrane filters. Then, chemical treatment methods such as coagulation, deionization and demineralization are started. Depending on preference, biological methods can also be used apart from the chemical method. Filtration and precipitation process are used as pre-treatment in order to provide gray water treatment standards in all biological processes except membrane bioreactor. In this system, disinfection with UV or chlorine is used as the final treatment. After all these processes are completed, gray water treatment is done and the water is purified.


    What is Gray Water?

    Domestic wastewater; It is the water used in places such as washing machines, dishwashers, sinks, kitchens, bathrooms and toilets and thrown into the sewer. It is collected under two different headings in itself. Black water is water that comes from toilets and contains cesspool waste. Gray water, on the other hand, is the water that does not contain black water of domestic wastewater, that is, it comes out of areas such as kitchen, bathroom and sink. These waters contain substances such as shampoo, soap, toothpaste, food residues, detergent. Since gray water contains 50% to 80% of domestic wastewater, it usually constitutes a large part of the water coming out of the houses.


    Gray Water Content

    Gray water constitutes a large part of domestic wastewater. For this reason, its content may vary depending on the number of people living in the house, their habits, living standards and the chemicals used. Gray water contains chemicals such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste, detergent, hair, nails, skin parts, hair dandruff, and cream. For this reason, it has a 40-50% contribution to the organic load in it. In addition, these waters contain suspended solids and phosphorus. While the suspended solids in it are generally substances such as hair, food scraps and nails, the main source of phosphorus is dishwashing and laundry detergents. In other words, the substances that we see and use in daily life come in the gray waters. Waste water, especially from kitchens and bathrooms, is known as the most easily treated gray water. If you want to get information about this system and more, you can contact us.


    How Does the Gray Water Recovery Treatment System Work?

    In gray water recovery treatment systems, filtration is primarily applied. The water, which is passed through filters with fine pores, is purified from all suspended solids such as hair, hair, skin, nails and food particles. Afterwards, a filtering process is done again and soap, detergent and odor removal are done and transferred to the other unit with minimum pollution. While biological treatment processes are applied up to this part, physical treatment processes are applied after that. After this process, physical purification processes are carried out with the membrane system. Thanks to this system, pathogens such as bacteria, fungi and microorganisms are destroyed. Chlorination processes, which are chemical treatment methods, are applied to purify other particles remaining inside. Purified water is obtained as a result of these processes. In this way, gray water is recovered.


    For What Purpose Is The Gray Water Recovery Treatment System Used?

    Many countries have systems where household waste can be stored and reused. However, long-term storage and storage of gray water is not correct. In such cases, gray water stinks and bacteria, microbes and other microorganisms that can cause many diseases multiply. For this reason, gray water is not suitable for waiting and storing. Instead of making storage, it is necessary to use treatment systems to recover these waters. It is necessary to use these systems for the treatment of gray water in all houses, public living areas, sports halls and shopping malls where there are many people. If you want to get detailed information about the gray water recovery treatment systems you need, you can contact us by phone or via our website.


    Areas where Gray Water Recovery Treatment System can be used?

    Although gray water is considered as domestic waste, it can actually be summarized as water formed as a result of human use. For this reason, gray water recovery treatment systems can be used in areas where people use sinks heavily. It can be used in many areas such as mosque, school, hotel, shopping mall, student dormitory, as well as in collective villa projects, social facilities, sports halls, business centers and public buildings, gray water recycling systems can be preferred. Thanks to the great purification of the water used, significant savings can be achieved in the long and short term, and these methods can be used wherever people live to protect nature and the environment. If you want to learn about the system that is suitable for the place you want to use and get information about its details, you can contact us.


    Advantages of Gray Water Recovery Treatment System

    As with every treatment system, the advantages of the gray water recovery treatment system include protecting nature. It is very important to recycle every drop of water used, with the awareness that resources are exhaustible. In particular, water that can be easily treated, such as domestic wastewater, needs to be recycled. The fact that each house has its own recycling system means that the amount of water to be treated by municipalities decreases, so the treatment costs reflected on the bills will decrease. For this reason, it provides an advantage in the long run. Thanks to the gray water recovery systems, drinking water usage rates will also decrease, thus reducing the cost of distribution of mains water. In addition, thanks to the gray water recovery, there is no need to use extra water for garden irrigation and plant growing. Another advantage is that when gray water is used as irrigation water after purification, it becomes a good fertilizer source. For these advantages and more information, you can contact us at our phone numbers.


    Features of Gray Water Recovery Treatment System

    Gray water constitutes the largest part of domestic wastewater. For this reason, all physical, chemical and biological treatment methods are used for recovery. Gray water recovery treatment systems, which ensure the destruction of all particles and microorganisms in the water by passing through many different filters, are one of the treatment methods with low cost. In this way, you can reach pure water that you can easily use in every area. At the same time, these systems, which can reduce water costs in the long run, also contribute to protecting nature and the environment. You can reach us from our phone numbers on our website to learn about the treatment system you need and which is suitable for the area you want to use.


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