Mix-Bed Resin Systems Products: Features, Advantages


    Mix Bed Resin Systems

     Thanks to this resin, which has cation units and anion units, the ions in the water are changed as oxygen and hydrogen. This process is also called demineralization. Thus, pure water can be obtained, and it is a very successful method in the industrial field. Mixbed resin systems, which are the process of purifying water by exchanging only ions without using chemicals, use both anion and cation resins in the area where this ion is exchanged. For detailed information and inquiries, you can reach us from the phone numbers on our website.

    What is Mix Bed Resin System?

     In Mix Bed Resin systems, cationic and anionic resins are mixed in a single tank. By converting the positively and negatively charged ions in it to oxygen and hydrogen, it both purifies the water and reduces its conductivity. The system consists of automatic or manual valve system, resin tank and mix bed resins in total. This system, which can be developed specifically for different work areas; The flow rate of the water can be adjusted according to the conductivity value and conductivity sensitivity at the end of the water purification process. In some systems, when the resins reach saturation, they are regenerated and regain their former performance. However, the resins of this system are not renewed, they are changed at regular intervals. Since this system will not be effective alone, it is used by integrating into the output of Reverse Osmosis or deionization systems. In this way, in the last stage, the ion ratio in the water is brought to the desired level and its conductivity is adjusted accordingly.

    For What Purpose Are Mix Bed Resin Systems Used?

     Mix Bed resin systems, which are preferred in industrial areas where the conductivity of water needs to be reduced, are used as the last stage. After the particles such as suspended solids, lime and clay in the water are purified, the deionization stage of the water is carried out with Mix Bed resin systems. In this way, the conductivity of the water is reduced by replacing the ion in the water with hydrogen and oxygen. Since the conductivity rate of pure water varies according to the industry to be used, the system can be adjusted accordingly. Mix Bed Resin systems, whose main purpose is to replace conductive ions in water with anionic and cationic units, also provide hydrogen and oxygen support. For this reason, pure water can be obtained. For detailed information about the system, you can contact us from our phone numbers on our website.

    Usage Areas of Mix Bed Resin Systems

     Since we can reach pure water thanks to Mix Bed Resin systems, it is used especially in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry as the last step. After the suspended solids and other harmful particles in the water are purified by the reverse osmosis method, the Mix Bed Resin system is preferred for the deionization method. In addition, since the conductivity of the water decreases due to ion exchange, this system can be used in the electronics sector and power plants that need very low conductivity water. In addition to these areas, Mix Bed Resin systems are preferred in the printing industry where pure water is needed. You can also use our website to get detailed information about this system or you can reach us from our phone numbers.

    Mix Bed Resin Systems Features

     Since there are minerals in all treated waters, it is preferred in the separation of these minerals. The Mixbed Resin System is used in the process of separating the positively and negatively charged ions from the water, thanks to its mixed bed units. Thanks to this system, since the ions in the water will turn into hydrogen and oxygen, there will be no waste water and therefore it is among the environmentally friendly methods. The tank of this system, whose resins cannot be regenerated, should be changed at regular intervals. In this way, the resin tank that has reached saturation can regain its former performance. In addition, thanks to this system, the required conductivity level can be adjusted, so it is one of the preferred methods in many areas. You can contact us for detailed information about the Mix Bed Resin system.

    Advantages of Mix Bed Resin Systems

     The Mix Bed Resin system does not create waste water as it helps to mix the ions in the water into hydrogen and oxygen by converting them into the air. In this way, it can be used in the industrial area as an environmentally friendly method. Since there are ions in all treated waters, it is especially preferred in production areas where conductivity is low. At the same time, the conductivity of water needs to be adjusted, especially in the power plants and electronics sector. In this respect, Mix Bed resin systems perform the deionization process according to preference by adjusting the required conductivity. You can contact us for details and more.

    Frequently asked Questions

    Are Chemicals Used in Mix Bed Resin Systems?

     No, it is not used. This system performs the ion removal process of water thanks to anionic and cationic units. At the same time, it makes the physical change of water without the use of chemicals by reducing its conductivity.

    Does Waste Water Occur in Mix Bed Resin Systems?

     No, there is no waste water in these systems. Since the ions in the water are converted into hydrogen and oxygen during deionization, they mix with the air and purify without causing any environmental pollution.


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