domestic and industrial water treatment device differences

Domestic and Industrial Water Treatment Device Differences

With the water sources being under danger, the importance of water treatment systems are increasing day by day.


With the water sources being under danger, the importance of water treatment systems are increasing day by day. Treatment systems are easy and economical way to get access to clean and hygienic water and often preferred in both domestic and industrial areas. They are sufficient not only for potable water but also utility water.

When water treatment devices are used in houses to obtain potable water, there are some differences between water treatment systems preferred for many different reasons in industrial areas. We can explain these as follows:

Domestic Water Treatment Devices

Domestic water treatment devices are used only tog et access to clean potable water. These devices, which are small in size, purify less water due to their smaller capacity. It purifies tap water by filtering it in water treatment devices, which are sufficient in homes to meet the drinking water need.

Filter number may change in domestic treatment devices consisting of two categories, over and under the counter. pH regulation and flavoring filters can be added and used as well as activated carbon, membrane, sediment filters. Water treatment system, which enables the city water to be regulated in terms of color, scent and taste, has an important place for a healthy life. Water purification devices, which are frequently preferred for domestic waste water, also prevent water pollution and provide advantages in many respects.

Industrial Water Treatment Device

Water treatment devices used for various purposes in industrial areas have different characteristics. Water quality used during production changes in each sector. Deionized water is needed in the energy and textile sector, pure water in the chemical sector, colorless and odorless water in the paper sector, and clean and hygienic water in the food, livestock and agriculture sectors. Water gains desired quality by water treatment devices using different methods.

Treatment devices are often preferred in industrial areas for both potable and utility water. In addition to them, if requested, waste water is also made available for discharge by getting purified via water treatment devices. These waters, available for discharge, can be used for purposes such as watering and vehicle washing. This way, damage to environment is minimized.

Differences Between Domestic Devices and Industrial Water Treatment Devices

Different filters and different treatment methods are used to reach water with the quality desired in industrial treatment devices. The most suitable one from systems such as reverse osmosis, membrane, filtration fir water need, changing from sector to sector.

Activated carbon and membrane filters are preferred usually for domestic treatment devices. If requested, different filters can be also added such as alkaline water filters. If you want to get detailed information about water treatment devices suitable for your house or establishment, you can review our website or contact us from telephone number available in our website.

03 January 2022

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