Activated Carbon Filter: Properties, Applications


    Activated Carbon Filter

    we lose water for many reasons during the day and if we do not get this water back, our body will be dehydrated; our heart, kidneys, skin and even our brain are affected. Access to clean drinking water may not be as easy as it used to be. Both environmental pollution and increasing population can be counted as the reason for this. With the developing technology, water purification systems facilitate access to clean drinking water. The activated carbon filter, which is used as a water purification method, separates the substances that may harm human health in the long term in the mains or well water from the water. Activated carbon is a black organic substance obtained by processing materials such as wood, coal, coconut. The water passing through the activated carbon in the activated carbon filter is purified from taste, odor and organic impurities. It is suitable for home use. You can check our website for detailed information.

    What is Activated Carbon Filter?

     Water purification systems separate harmful substances that may be present in the water from the water. Filtration systems that physically and chemically remove pollutants from water are different from reverse osmosis and water distillation techniques. Carbon filtration, on the other hand, is a very effective method of water purification, it provides the removal of many chemicals that can be found in water. Activated carbon filter is a type of filter used especially to separate organic chemicals from water. These filters also purify water by removing chemicals that change the taste and smell of water, such as hydrogen sulfide or chlorine. Activated carbon filter is used in water purification devices. Mains water can contain volatile chemicals such as chlorine, benzene, pesticides or herbicides, and hundreds of other chemicals. In addition to filtering these substances, carbon filters also help you to obtain clean drinking water by removing bad tastes and odors from the water.

    How Does Activated Carbon Filter Work?

     Activated carbon filter, which is highly effective, is a frequently preferred method in water purification. Not only does it clean the water, it also improves the taste of the water. The activated carbon filter purifies the water in two different stages. In the first stage, the water is purified from chlorine. The activated carbon filter has a large surface area required for the removal of chlorine. Organic substances in the water decompose and fill the pores of the filter. Then the process begins for the removal of organic matter. As the water passes through the activated carbon filter, organic particles and chemicals are retained. Separating too much solid matter in these processes may cause the filter to clog after a while and cause a bad smell, in such cases the filter must be replaced. Although this period varies depending on the surface area of ​​the filter, it is recommended to replace the activated carbon filters every six months. You can get detailed information by contacting us for any question you may have about the activated carbon filter.

    For What Purpose Is Activated Carbon Filter Used?

     Activated carbon filter is used to remove the taste and odor of water, improve color and remove organic substances. It provides both physical and chemical purification. These filters, which have the capacity to filter chlorine to zero, separate highly organic matter from water. It removes the turbidity of water, purifies the water from chemicals. It stands out with its ability to produce water uninterruptedly. In addition, the activated carbon filter produces the least amount of waste that can cause environmental pollution. Its low cost, quiet and odorless operation are among the reasons why it is frequently preferred. Easy to start and stop, safe to use. You can find information about the activated carbon filter on our website and learn what you are curious about. 

    Activated Carbon Filter Usage Areas?

     Activated carbon filters are widely used in the purification industry. It is a treatment option that improves water quality. Both drinking water and wastewater can be purified by this filter. It not only purifies water, but also has the ability to be used for various liquids. It also provides bleaching of cooking oils such as sunflower oil, olive oil, coconut oil. It is also a good option for color removal in liquids. It is seen that it is used for aroma regulation in wine production. Activated carbon filter is used in many areas due to its large pores. It can be used for purposes such as air purification, deodorization, purification of compressed air, cleaning of flue gas. In addition to these, activated carbon filters can be preferred for purification in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Activated carbon filters are an effective method that is frequently preferred in many areas. You can also contact us to get information about the activated carbon filter and to use it.

    Activated Carbon Filter Features

     Activated carbon filters are mostly used to remove organic substances from water by separating them. Thus, the water is made suitable for use. The removal of organic substances such as humic acid and fulvic acid in drinking water prevents the chlorine in the water from reacting chemically with these acids and producing carcinogens. Activated carbon filters have a structure consisting of activated carbon in polyethylene or steel tanks. Thanks to the surface area of ​​activated carbon, which has been increased by 100 times, and its high adsorption (adsorption method) feature, water is easily purified. Although there can be many reasons for problems in water, the cause of these problems is usually organic pollution. The easiest solution method to remove this organic pollution is the activated carbon filter. In addition, these filters absorb oil and its by-products that may be present in the water. For more detailed information on the subject, you can reach our expert teams by phone.


    Does Activated Carbon Filter Prevent Odor?

     Yes, obstacles. It is possible to remove substances such as chlorine and hydrogen sulfide, which cause bad odor in water, from the water by means of an activated carbon filter.

    What Does Activated Carbon Do?

     Activated carbon filter helps to purify water at low cost. It is an effective solution to problems such as chemicals, organic substances and taste and odor in water. It is an easy and safe method to obtain drinking water.



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