Standard Inline CTO Activated Carbon Filter

It is the Standard Purification Filter used in Compact Reverse Osmosis systems. 1/4" Jaco connection.

Product Information

Standard Inline CTO Activated Carbon Filter Systems

Due to the CTO (Block Activated Carbon) it contains, it removes the chlorine and chlorine compounds in the water and the substances that give odor and color to the water. With the feature of being carbon, this Filter Block makes filtration with 10 micron precision along with odor and color purification in the water.
This filter with NSF certificate is of very high quality for its price. Hatat is the best product in this price segment. The quality is very good. It is a very economical product with its own quality and selling price. It is used in the 2nd and 3rd stages of treatment systems. Extending the life of the membrane filter, this filter is one of the indispensable equipment of purification devices. The membrane is used as the previous inlet filter.


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