Filtration Units


    The industry's quality and specific water requirements can only be met with properly conditioned and correctly prepared water. Fair ATS offers its customers the best quality and economical solutions in the conditioning of these waters with its long years of expertise and experience. This whole process starts with the analysis of the water to be conditioned, and after the real need of the process is determined, the project is designed considering the low operating costs for the future. According to the needs of the business; system suggestions such as

    Water Softening Systems

    Chlorine Dosing, UV Systems, Ultra-filtration Systems, Deionization Units, Activated Carbon and Sand Filtration units, Sea water treatment, Well water treatment, Reverse Osmosis options can be presented. After the assembly and commissioning stages, the expert staff of our company provides all the trainings for these systems and ensures that the system is used at the most optimal level and we support the process with after-sales services.

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