AKA GROUP & Fairats Banana Greenhouse Treatment Systems Analysis and Installation


Customer need :

  • 30 tonnes of water per hour 
  • 400 µs/cm conductivity
  • Suitable Hardness 
  • Chlorine removal

Analysis and Project Phase :

  • 1400 µs/cm raw water conductivity analysis result obtained
  • Bicarbonate, Potassium, Magnesium, Conductivity value containing a large amount of salts in terms of bicarbonate, potassium, magnesium, requires alkalinity neutralisation by addition of acid by irrigation
  • The need for osmosis and pre-osmosis pre-filtration was identified
  • The necessary device has been designed and manufactured

Installation and Efficiency :

  • Pre-filtration and reverse osmosis device producing 30 tonnes of purified water per hour was installed.
  • The product yield, which shows seasonal changes in the banana greenhouse, has provided efficiency even in periods of low rainfall.

For the banana greenhouse, which needs 30 tonnes of water per hour and 400 µs / cm conductivity water after treatment; The raw water analysis result had an average conductivity of 1400 µs / cm. Our systems, which were installed with our customer's request to get more products during the year, met the demand and satisfaction return was provided. After treatment, access to rainwater quality was achieved and the efficiency report received full marks.

How Well Water Treatment Systems Work?

In the well water reverse osmosis system, water is firstly passed through various filters and purified from impurities such as sediment, solid particles and lime. The reason for this process is to alleviate the load on the membrane, which is the main equipment. Then, the pressure of the water is increased by applying high pressure. Thanks to this pressure, the water transferred to the area where the semi-permeable membrane is located reaches the end of the process in a high purified way. Filtration process is applied in the area where the separation process is carried out by reverse osmosis method from foreign particles in the water.

Well Water Treatment System Features

The reverse osmosis system has four different stages. The first of these stages consists of separating dust and sand in the water. In the second stage, harmful molecules in the water are retained thanks to the carbon tubes it has. Then comes the third stage and the reverse osmosis method is used here. Particles and heavy metals that cannot be separated in the previous stage are separated at this stage. In the last stage, the water is passed through carbon filters and the process is completed cleanly.


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