what is membrane filter, what are its usage areas?

What is membrane filter, what are its usage areas?

What Is Membrane Filter? How Does It Work?


Membrane filter types consist of four categories; reerse osmosis, nano filtration, ultrafiltration and microfiltration. Reverse osmosis uses the most tightened membrane in water treatment system. With this filter, no substance other than water can pass through the membrane. In nano filtration, harmful substances in the water are retained and small ions such as minerals are passed through.

Ultrafiltration, another type, has larger pores than reverse osmosis and the pressure is lower in the membranes. Bacteria and viruses are completely decomposed in water in this system. Finally, in microfiltration, suspended solids, bacteria and oils cannot pass through the pores. According to the area to be used, the most suitable one among these alternatives can be selected and water treatment can be done accordingly.

What Are The Characteristics of Membrane Filter?

Membrane filter set, being used in both domestic and industrial water treatment system, is high technology nano filtration filter that increase efficiency in waste water treatment procedure. Thanks to this system, even highly polluted water can be effectively treated.

The quality of the material used in the membrane filter, which is one of the most preferred methods to obtain hygienic water, and the size of the pores are very important in terms of the clean water that will be released.

This system, which is mechanically very durable, is resistant to high temperatures as well as chemicals. In addition to that, the outstanding feature of the membrane filter is that it can clean itself. The water obtained in this system, which has many functional features, can be consumed safely.

How Long Is the Service Life of Membrane Filter?

It is important not to pass change time of filters in water treatment systems. Because filter is the most important part in the system. Pores begin to clog in time as the filter is used. If the filter is not changed on time, the quality of purified water decreases. Thus, filter in water treatment system must be changed in specific periods. Service life of the filter varies according to the type of filter used in the system. This time is 2 years for membrane filter.

At the end of second year, membrane filter must be changed with a new one definitely. If it is not, taste, scent and color of the water may change and the purified water can become undrinkable.

How Is Membrane Filter Changed

To change membrane filter, first water and valve entering to water treatment device must be closed. Afterwards, the treatment fountain is opened and the remaining water is allowed to flow. If the device is a model with a pump, it must be unplugged after this process. The membrane tube is also removed and the membrane cover is opened. Later, filter is pulled outside by turned via pliers or needle pliers.

The section where the membrane filter is located is thoroughly cleaned by rinsing with water. Then a new filter can be installed. The new part is placed in the place where the old one was removed, with the help of a tool, and the membrane cover and hose are reattached. Thus, the membrane filter change process is completed.

Membrane filter Prices

Thanks to the membrane filter, which is one of the most effective water purification filters, even extremely dirty water can be easily purified and clean drinking water can be provided. The treatment process is successful thanks to the very small pores of this system, which is frequently used in both domestic and industrial water treatment systems. The membrane filter, which acts as a strong barrier to separate contaminants from the water, also improves the quality of the treated water. Thus, membrane filter is recommended in water treatment devices. The prices of these multi-functional and high-quality systems also vary according to the advantages, areas of use and production materials.

Nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, microfiltration and reverse osmosis systems are each a type of membrane filter. Since the features of these alternatives are different, their functions and pricing are also different. It can be used safely by choosing the suitable one for industrial or domestic water purification devices.

You can take a look at our website to find answers for your questions and get more detailed information about water treatment systems, membrane filter and more. If you want to learn the most suitable options according to your usage area, you can contact us via our phones on our website.

15 March 2022

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