what is actived carbon?

What is Actived Carbon?

What is actived carbon? What are the benefit of actived carbon on human body?


We have encountered actived carbon phrases often in recent years. Questions such as what is actived carbon, what is it for or what are the types of actived carbon are in the amongst the subjects often asked.

The reason of intense usage of actived carbon in almost every area beginning from beauty sector to food or cleaning sector is quiet interesting. actived carbon is extracted from many different materials such as bamboo, olive seed, coconut, wood and ores such as brown coal, coal, turf and generally via different methods. Activation treatment is implemented with different methods in materials brought to high temperatures and actived carbon with a porous surface is obtained.

Since it has negative ions, actived carbon has positive benefits on human health and often used in food, medical materials, beauty products, water purification devices and many different areas.

actived carbon which can be found as a pure materials in nature can have high level of purity such as graphite and diamond. Sometimes it can also be found as combined with other elements. actived carbon, found as both natural state and combined with other elements throughout the earth forms 0.2% of earth’s crust. With FAIR ATS Water Purification Systems, which has been providing services in abroad and within Turkey with its expert and professional services in environment technologies since the year 2001, you can get access to suitable systems which is designed specially for your needs.

What Is actived Carbon Used For?

Today actived carbon, which is used activedly in numerous areas and makes contributions to human health since it has negative ions, is used for benefit of humans by functioning in many different areas. Thus, it is used widely.

This material with many different types also has differences structurally. actived carbon can be made available for use by being manufactured in different types such as powder, granule and cylindrical and has a black color. It is heated up to 2000 F approximately during preparation process. This way, it catches components within the water forming odor and color. The material obtained after heating process incurs high pressure and becomes porous.

This material, which is activedly used in the production of personal care products, cleaning products or products in food sector cleans organic materials from liquids and gas. In this cleaning process named adsorption, actived carbon provides an excellent function and supports humans for a more healthy life with high quality by making the materials suitable to human health.

Carbon, one of the most important elements of living beings and inanimate materials in the nature, stands out with its numerous benefits. Especially since it has low concentration, has an ideal dimension of electron structure, and can be found in different forms such as diamond and graphite and is available in terms of forming connections, actived carbon has a more important place in usage.

What Are actived Carbon Types?

actived carbon is obtained by heating in temperatures over 315’C and commonly preferred today. The main reason for this is the fact that it has microscopic pores on its surface and cleans organic materials in water or gas.

This material, having quite credit and being used for different purposes in numerous areas has many different types. One of the favorite types are as follows:

Coal Based A​ctive Carbon

Coal based actived carbon has a high level of adsorption capacity and is a mineral especially used in physiochemical purification. It is especially preferred for cleaning diluted gas which is formed in water and gives water color, taste and odor. This mineral, helping to remove undissolved organic and inorganic contamination from water has a structure resembling coal and very wide surface area. Coal based actived carbon is preferred for the purpose of eliminating chlorine and used in waters with organic pollution and provides a beneficial usage means in many areas.

Wood Based actived Carbon

Another prominent option in actived carbon types is the ones with wood basis. Wood based actived carbon is produced from materials with carbon such as wood by steam or chemical activation methods and holds components in the water causing color and odor. This black color mineral is obtained by exposing heat and moisture. They have a great role in water purification and are preferred for the purpose of removing mycotoxins in apple juice production. They have an important place in the production of vegetable oil and making of air filters.

Coconut Shell Based actived Carbon

Coconut shell based actived carbon is activedly used in physiochemical purification since it has a high adsorption capacity and slowly coming into prominence today. Each passing day the usage of this material is increasing and has an important role in eliminating the pollution in water.

All of these actived carbon types are produced as powder, granule and cylindrical. You can choose according to usage area and need and provide effective solutions by getting maximum effectiveness from material. The most used type is coal based actived carbon. Wood based actived carbon has many areas in especially industry. Coconut shell based actived carbon is a mineral used more day by day.

How actived Carbon Is Used?

actived carbon is used in cleaning products, make-up materials, food types and many more areas activedly and with different purposes in numerous areas today. This material, having an increasing usage each passing day, is highly preferred due to benefits it has.

Coal based actived carbon is a prominent one within the actived carbon types, and especially is used in waste waters and has an effective role during organic material removal process. Coconut shell based actived carbon with increasing usage day by day has been prominent in removal of KOI, organic material in waters. Wood based ones are preferred commonly in the production of apple juice and color removal.

Cylindrical actived carbon is an ideal option in gas phase practices and many different procedures such as gas purification, domestic water purification, industrial water purification, solvent saving. This material is used in removal of organic steams and found itself a place in H2S removal practices in odor, solvent and waste water purification facilities.

Benefits of Actived Carbon

Activated carbon, which we encounter in countless areas of our lives and is frequently mentioned with the benefits it offers, is a material that you can see in numerous areas from food sector to cleaning sector. What are the benefits provided by this useful product then?

  • Activated carbon, which removes components in water such as sugar and lactose, decreases gas and swelling in the body.
  • Especially activated carbon, which is the preference of people who have cholesterol problem, is often preferred since it decreases the cholesterol and creates minimum side effects.
  • Activated carbon is an excellent counterpoison and creates effective results when a person takes too much medicine dosage. Apply dosage varies depending on the type of poisoning.
  • It helps kidney functions because it supports the kidneys in removing toxins as filters of the body.
  • Activated carbon is activedly used in mouth and dental hygiene in recent years and very effective for protection of mouth health. Especially it enables whitening on teeth and decreases acidity on tooth enamel. You can brush your teeth after taking some of this material, which regulates pH value in the mouth, on your wet toothbrush and you can rinse your mouth with plenty of water.
  • The product prevents hair loss and dandruff formation. It will be sufficient to add this material in your regular shampoo bottle.
  • Activated carbon is an excellent pore cleaner, thus it became number one preference for people who care for their skin. Also it support formation of a healthy skin by balancing pH value of the skin. It balances extreme oil and prevents acne formation.

When you consider all of these mentioned above, you may realize that in fact activated carbon is both useful and beneficial. Today, more people each day start to discover the benefits of activated carbon by adopting it into their lives.

10 March 2022

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