water treatment systems in schools

Water treatment systems in schools

Why should we use water treatment systems in schools? What is the importance of water treatment in schools?


It is possible to solve the waste water problem, which threatens the life of all living things, in a functional and sustainable way, thanks to wastewater treatment systems. Dirty and harmful waste water is discharged wherever water is used. Especially in institutions and facilities with high human population, the pollution rate of the used water increases.

Waste water discharged from schools causes environmental pollution that harms nature and natural life. In developed societies, educational institutions reduce environmental pollution by using effective wastewater treatment systems, while ensuring that the water used is functional again in different areas. Waste water treatment systems in schools are preferred to purify dirty and harmful water and make it reusable.

Treated water can serve sustainable environmental reforms by using it in agricultural areas, firefighting, parks and gardens, car washes and many different areas. Also, the usability qualities of the recycled water are determined by analysis. Depending the purpose of waste water treatment in schools, treatment systems may also have different properties.

Usage Areas of Water Treatment Systems in Schools

Waste water treatment systems can be used in various areas in education institutions. It is aimed to control water pollution by treating waste water in kindergartens, primary schools, universities, private teaching institutions, study centers and training camps. System standards also change depending on whether waste water will be used or not, usage area and environmental conditions.

Water treatment systems are installed in schools according to water treatment rules stated with legal regulations. System capacity and system operation principles are determined according to capacity of school or institution of education.

Like other water treatment systems, pre-filtration, softening and advanced filtration systems and water treatment processes in accordance with legal regulations are carried out in the waste water treatment process in schools. It is possible to purify the water and obtain more healthier water thanks to installation of reversed osmosis systems, which is an advanced filtration system. Reverse osmosis systems are used for carrying out both physical and chemical treatment. Dosing, pre-filtration, ultrafiltration and ultraviolet systems can also be preferred other than revers osmosis system Reverse osmosis system is an ideal option to provide an automatic and efficient treatment.

When determining water treatment system in the schools, the water must be analyzed and feasibility studies must be implemented. A system can be designed according to criteria such as quality of purified water, chemical characteristics of the water, usage amount. You can call us for our special solutions for waste water treatment systems in schools.

Which Water Treatment Systems Are Preferred in Schools?

The characteristic of waste water is an important detail in determining the water treatment system. Characteristics of industrial waste water and the water in areas such as schools are different. Generally reverse osmosis systems are preferred to purify the waste water in schools. Because these systems provides the easiest way to get access to pure water. If this method is selected, there is no need for another treatment method.

Methods such as dosing, pre-filtration, ultrafiltration and ultraviolet can be preferred to treat waste water in schools. Determining the best method is possible with professional analysis. Reverse osmosis system is advantageous in terms of realizing physical and chemical treatment in one system. Waste water treatment systems in universities are determined as a result of feasibility studies and water analysis. The waste water of some universities, such as medical faculties, may be chemically different.

Systems to be determined in schools may vary depending on analysis. You can get professional support from our company, which installs excellent water purification systems in many educational areas such as kindergartens, primary schools, universities, student dormitories, studies, training camps. If you are wondering how waste water treatment systems should be in schools and which system should be preferred, you can benefit from the expertise of our company about processes such as planning, design, installation and post-installation.

13 May 2022

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