Stilmax Water Treatment Device

stilmax water treatment device
aquaslim water treatment device systems

Aquaturk Stilmax Water Purifier, the device that filters the mains water in 5 stages, takes up very little space under the kitchen counter.

Product Information

Stilmax Kitchen Under counter Water Treatment Device


It has an elegant design and is perfect in terms of functionality. Water gives humans energy and is a vital liquid that carries food stuff and oxygen to whole body. Both delicious and healthy water procurement Aquaturk Stilmax Water Treatment Device gives the desired amount of water and is a quality and reliable products with its easily replaceable inline filter system. In the first stage Front Sediment Filter filters the water in 5 micron sensitivity and makes the water become clear by keeping all sediments such as mud, rust, particles. In second stage, scent removal is implemented with chlorine and chlorine components in the water with GAC Activated Carbon Filter. In third stage, the water is treated in the best way before membrane with Activated Carbon Filter. In fourth stage, water has desired deliciousness and quality by passing from Membrane Filter with Advanced Treatment technology. Water, purified form all wastes, become a delicious and soft water after being treated finally with Coconut shell carbon filter. In variation options, our customers can add Mineral Filter, Alkali Filter and Detox Filter to their devices. Mineral filter makes the water rich in minerals. Thus it provides a healthy way of living by contributing to body transitioning to basic state. Toxin collection in the body is prevented with detox filter.

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