Soilless Agriculture Bursa Project Lake Water Treatment


Soilless Agriculture Bursa Project: Lake Water Treatment.

 The increase in the world population day by day, the infertility of the soil due to global warming and natural disasters make soilless agriculture more and more popular by each paassing day. Thanks to Soilless Agriculture, agricultural production can be provided in places where climatic conditions are not suitable. In addition, soilless agriculture provides 3 times more efficiency than soild agriculture. The most important source of soilless agriculture is water. For this reason, the lakes in the vicinity of the agricultural areas are of great importance.

The Source of Hydroponic Agriculture is Water!

 The difference between soilless agriculture and normal agriculture is that the plants absorb the needed nutrients and minerals from the water instead of soil. This shows how important water is for soilless agriculture. The quality of water directly affects the quality of agriculture. In soilless agriculture, undesirable substances that will harm the plant in the water are filtered by means of Water Treatment. This filtering process is provided by Reverse Osmosis Systems.
Soilless Agriculture-Bursa Project - Lake water treatment - 15 m3/h Reverse Osmosis System Prefilter System Included.
 Different sources such as river water, lake water, well water can be used in the region where agriculture will be made. The purpose of this is that the need for water in soilless agriculture is very high and natural resources have to be preferred. In this project, we also used the Reverse Osmosis System for lake water treatment and achieved the desired purified water quality.


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