Iron Manganese Filter: Properties, Applications


    Iron Manganese Filter

    For iron and manganese purification, their ratio in water should be taken into account. There are various methods for removing these elements. The appropriate method such as filtration, aeration and chemical oxidation is selected by looking at the ratio of iron and manganese in the water. The iron in the water can be easily recognized. It causes stains in the house if it is used in the plumbing, dishes and if it is used in house cleaning. It gives the water a metallic taste. Manganese causes a color change in the water, the water containing manganese can be yellow or brown in color. Taking iron and manganese into the human body together with water is dangerous and can cause many health problems. You can check our website for detailed information.

    What is Iron Manganese Filter?

    Iron manganese filter is used for the purification of iron and manganese dissolved in water. When these two elements are found in high amounts in water, they cause poisoning. Two elements, which are usually dissolved in water, cause turbidity and color change in water. The use of these waters in the textile, food and paper industries may lead to undesirable results. The iron manganese filter is selected according to the ratio of other variables, including iron and manganese, to the water, the suspended solids ratio in the water, the flow rate and the intended use of the treated water. In the purification process, the removal of iron and manganese from the water by oxidation is achieved with the help of a special mineral. If you have any questions about iron manganese filters, you can contact us by phone.

    How Does the Iron Manganese Filter Work?

    Iron manganese filter is a must-have filter in water purification devices. Depending on the content of the water, the most suitable filtration method is selected. Iron and manganese are primarily retained in mineral filters. While the water to be treated is discharged into the tank, chlorine and other oxidant chemicals are given to the water. This ensures oxidation and disinfection of water. The water waiting in the tank then passes through the iron manganese trap filters. These filters contain special minerals with a very high capacity to hold iron and manganese. The filler mineral in iron manganese filters is an economical filter material and is used in the purification of iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, which shows catalytic reaction in water. As a result of these processes, clean water is obtained. You can call us for more information.

    For What Purpose Is Iron Manganese Filter Used?

     This type of filters are filters with automatic backwash feature used to remove iron and manganese ions dissolved in water. Considering the variables such as iron, manganese, chlorine, organic matter, pH value in the water to be treated, different minerals can be preferred in the designs of iron-manganese filters. There are many different capacity options in accordance with the place and purpose of use. For more information about the filter, you can contact us at the phone numbers on our website.

    Iron Manganese Filter Usage Areas?

     The iron manganese filter can be used in many different areas. The usage area of filters in water purification devices is wide. It is found in drinking water projects, furnaces, water and food factories for water purification purposes. Apart from these, it is frequently used in factories producing paper and leather. Iron manganese filter is used in water-operated machines in the machinery industry, in construction sites and projects in the construction industry, in the mud preparation and glaze coating of products such as ceramics, stones and soil, in the washing, coating, paint lines in the automotive industry, and in the hot water and dyeing lines in the textile and leather industry. For more detailed information about the iron manganese filter, you can check our website.

    Iron Manganese Filter Features

     The iron manganese filter, which is used for the purification of iron and manganese from water, filters the iron contained in the groundwater, reducing it to almost zero. The iron manganese filter, which also regulates the pH value of the water, also removes the manganese from the accumulated sediments. The filter that enables us to reach healthy and clean water is very economical. Filters minerals quickly, these filters using reverse osmosis technique also prevent iron from oxidizing and leaking into the layers. Regulates colour, turbidity, taste and odour. It is suitable for use in many industries. Iron also causes clogging in plumbing. Iron manganese filter is frequently preferred because it is an economical, effective and permanent solution to all these problems. You can always reach us by phone to get information about the use of iron manganese filter and more.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why Should Iron and Manganese be Purified?

     Iron gives water a metallic taste and makes it difficult to drink.
     The presence of manganese in drinking water poses a danger to human health. Laundry washed with water containing iron and manganese becomes stained. For these reasons, iron and manganese must be purified from water.

    What are the Advantages of Iron Manganese Filter?

     It makes it possible to completely filter iron and manganese. In this way, there is no turbidity, the smell disappears. It prevents the formation of bacteria. It provides uninterrupted water purification. It works silently and odorless. It is offered with designs suitable for needs.



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