Alkali (pH+) Filter

Alkali (pH+) Filter is a treatment filter.

Product Information

Alkali (pH+) Filter Systems


Alkali water has the highest ph value, rich in minerals and is amongst the strongest antioxidants known throughout the world. In scientific researches, it was provided that the human body requires alkali, that is, basic environment, otherwise the body has an acidic structure and this causes many illnesses.


Alkali water consumption is one of the strongest supplements for a healthy life. It is clear that the humans are the most happy when their body has basic structure and they are sad when they have an alkali body structure. Alkali water supports weight loss and a working digestive system.


Alkali water delays aging, combats with complaints caused by acids such as tiredness, fatigue, headache and chest ache. With this filter, pH is increased and your water become alkali thus when you consume this water, it supports your body to become basic. Alkali Filter is a mineral filter that has more alkali ions. Therefore, it provides longer period of time and stable alkali water.

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